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Frontline Logo.png

Frontline is the Men's Ministry of CrossPoint Apostolic Sanctuary. We believe that strong families begin with strong men leading them. We invest in our men. Frontline puts an emphasis on the fellowship of our men, while teaching, instructing, and encouraging them.

The Ladies Ministry of CrossPoint Apostolic Sanctuary attempts to fulfill our mission statement. We want ladies who reach out. Reaching out to other ladies, reaching out to their families, reaching out to their friends, and others in their lives.

kidsROC Logo.png

kidsROC is the children's ministry of CrossPoint Apostolic Sanctuary. We believe in ministering to children. They are our future, and help energize the church of today. We put emphasis on reaching the children of the community, and helping them learn more about God's Word as they develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to come to church, even if they do not have the means of transportation. Every Sunday, we run our 15 passenger van.

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